Team back in Huarza after successful trip to Ishinca Valley!

Hola from Huarza!

Today we are enjoying a rest day in Huarza. We had a hot shower and a good meal last night in town.

Our first “mini” expedition into the Cordillera Blanca was very successful. Our first goal was to acclimate and we achieved that sleeping 5 nights at 4400m. We also were able to summit 2 peaks Ursu (5420m) and Ishinca (5530m). Both of this peaks offered amazing views and great warm up peaks in the Cordillera Blanca.

Our climbers are doing well and enjoying catching up on personal life back in Huarza.

Tomorrow we are planning on heading back into the mountains to spend our remaining 10 days in the Santa Cruz valley. We are hopefully to climb Artesonraju and possibly Almayano over the next 10 days.

Here are some pictures from our the first part of our trip. We will be in touch from the field doing cybercast every couple days via Sat Phone.

Pic 1: Our Base Camp in the Ishinca Valley

Pic 2: On the summit of Urus

Pic 3: Climbing high on Ishinca (5530m) a couple days ago.

Pic 4: Sunrise over the Cordillera Blanca.

Jonathon Spitzer
IFMGA Certified Mountain Guide
Alps Program Director
Alpine Ascents International

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