Team Hermes at the Chopicalqui Moraine Camp

Yes hello again, it’s Konstantin, from the Alpine Ascents Peru Expedition Team, Team Hermes.  We are at the Moraine Camp of Chopicalqui, it’s pretty impressive.  I’m standing here at an altitude of 5,000m, which is like 16,300 feet, and I can look around and I can see about 10 peaks above 6,000m, or 20,000 feet.  We gained more than 3,000 feet vertical elevation today, that’s more than 1000m, that’s impressive, very hard trek up to the moraine camp.  Everybody is doing fine, of course we are all very tired, and you know the altitude is being felt.  We are drinking a lot, we try to drink a lot and hydrate, we set up our tents and tomorrow we are going to head for the high camp, which is on the glacier, before we attempt to attack the summit the day after tomorrow.  Everybody is all right, kisses and hugs to everybody, greetings from 5,000m in Peru, bye bye.

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